Nikki Yeomans

warm, challenging & straightforward

Nikki loves business and she loves coaching  She qualified in 2013, and has subsequently achieved a number of qualifications including level 7 Executive coaching and mentoring with the Institute of leadership & management. She holds accreditation with the Association for Coaching. In addition to private work, she cut her teeth in FMCG operations and now works in talent development.

She leads a coaching programme for a FTSE 250. Nikki has personally worked with over 200 people, supporting them in reaching their career goals, whatever they may be.

Known for her independent thinking, she believes people work to their fullest potential when they are in control of their actions. She loves to use your previous successes to help you form new pathways, becomes invested in your success from day one and will always encourage you to reach for the stars.


Her passion has long been to bring coaching out of the Board room and make available to all.

FixMe is her brainchild. 


Karen Tomlinson burling

engaging, supportive and questioning

Karen is currently working towards accreditation with Association for Coaching. She became passionate about coaching following an extensive career in retail where she was involved in team building, individual development and leadership from the shop floor through to store planning, merchandising, training and buying. In that time she forged strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

Karen believes that the key to being your best self is self-awareness and self-belief. As a coach her role is to help you unlock your potential. To give you space to explore your thinking in a safe and trusting environment. To enable you to find strengths and solutions to achieve your goals.


Dulcie swanston

creative, scientific & smiley

I’m really proud of the fact that I coach across such a diverse range of people. Whilst I have experience of coaching executive teams across the world, I also have a busy “real life” 5 teenagers and know what it is like to be a slightly stressed out parent with too much to do! As a result, I also really enjoy working with young people, new graduates and women who might be experiencing a crisis of confidence - perhaps after returning from maternity leave or when being promoted and experiencing “imposter syndrome” (if you don’t know what that is - look it up - it is one of the things I spend a lot of time talking to coachees about - if you have ever felt this way you are definitely not alone!)

I have written a book called “It’s Not Bloody Rocket Science” and that nicely sums up me and my coaching - I like to keep things really simple and very straightforward - AND I like to make sure we use lots of psychology and science so that we really challenge what we can achieve together - and work out what your own brain might be doing that gets in your way!


bridget Marshall

curious, empathetic and motivating 

I believe myself to be an experienced Coach focussing mainly on Executive Coaching in my career as an HR Director in a number of different industries. Since obtaining the Certificate in Coaching about 5 years ago, I also coach privately with a variety of individuals of differing levels that are looking for career or job related coaching.

I am professional and informal in my approach, and have been told that I have a natural encouraging style so can quickly build rapport and provide a safe environment to test ideas that you may not have even considered.

The possibilities are endless. I have a huge passion for coaching for all and our sessions will be both challenging and rewarding with the benefits of us working together being quickly visible.

Bina tailor

warm, encouraging & thought provoking

Bina has been coaching in the corporate world as a Learning & Development Executive for over 18 years and has achieved a range of certifications over that time. She is accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds a variety qualifications in HR and Management & Leadership. She describes herself as a ‘life-long learner’ which feeds into her curious and exploratory nature.

Bina is passionate about helping people grow and has a proven track record in building sustainable growth in people. As an entrepreneur, she brings her passion to life by supporting businesses with their people development strategy and over her career has helped hundreds of individuals in achieving their personal goals.


Here’s what one of her clients had to share about their experience. 'I can't speak highly enough of Bina's ability to both coach and motivate. Having struggled with my own confidence, Bina was invaluable in helping me progress in my career and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wants to be at the absolute top of their game!!'


Amanda harvey

patient, reflective & caring

Amanda holds a post graduate diploma in Personnel and Development and became a Chartered Member of CIPD in 2007. In 2019, she attained her ILM7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. During her career, Amanda has had considerable experience of coaching and developing both teams and individuals. As a facilitator she has helped coach teams through difficult or challenging situations as well as helping them to understand how a coaching approach can benefit them in their day to day lives. Amanda has coached teams and individuals from wide backgrounds and levels of experience; from those new to work life, supervisors, line managers to senior managers and directors.


People who have worked with Amanda as. coach describe her was having a never ending ability to help them look at things in different ways. They usually speak of her ability to listen, give them space and use grounded, open contributions to help them think. Her constant aim is to help people realise their potential, overcome obstacles and be the best version of themselves they can be.

Chris Billington

friendly, supportive & direct

Chris has worked with over 8,000 delegates in the decade in the roles of coach and trainer. During this time, he has established a reputation for helping people to gain clarity and achieve their goals.


Chris has worked with clients on a wide range of topics including resilience, influencing stakeholders, problem solving, difficult conversations, productivity and managing teams… but his specialist subject is communication. He has assisted a Nobel Prize nominee with a TED talk and briefed the Speaker of the House of Commons before a presentation to 1000 people. Organisations that have employed Chris include banks, energy companies, pharmaceuticals tech giants, Universities and TED conferences.


Chris usually works with clients who: *have reached a crossroads in their career *have clear direction but are facing a significant challenge *want to be taken more seriously and improve their communication skills.


Chris has a degree in Business Studies plus qualifications from both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the International Coaching Federation.


His other interests include mountaineering and growing chillies


Linda stephens

curious, professional & energetic

I worked for many years as a senior global director in a FTSE 100 company. This multinational, exciting and challenging position fuelled my interest in people - what makes them tick, what motivates them and what gets in the way of letting them be the best they can be. 2 years ago, I left the pharmaceutical industry and have set up my own business, Cobalt Red, and now I work exclusively as an executive coach and am accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

My approach to coaching reflects my approach to life - it is one of enthusiasm, energy and action-orientation. As your coach I will be focused and flexible; curious and professional; energetic and interested. I will challenge you, listen with curiosity to you and ask powerful questions whilst supporting you to reach your goals.

As your coach, I am not there to provide answers. My role is to listen, to guide the conversation and to explore responses with you, to a series of open questions. Coaching enables learning and personal development, by drawing on the experience and skills of both of us, the client and coach, to enable visibility, generation and exploration of options and to create a plan to make the desired.