The birth of iFixMe

Updated: May 10, 2021

Why we started… what drives us….and why advancement in the accessibility of self-help is so slow compared to accessibility leaps in technology.

Accessibility drives our planet’s advancement. Accessibility to technology, information, fitness, wellbeing, knowledge……. you get the picture! At some point all these things were the preserve of a small select group of people who could either afford them or had access to them through demographic luck. The quicker that imbalance has been addressed the greater the leaps in our collective advancement and intelligence.

When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440 it is unlikely he realised the magnitude of its importance. We don’t want to get into a debate about the most significant inventions but it is a fairly logical step that everything that has come since has relied on printed knowledge for its inception. It took around five hundred years from the invention of the printing press before half the planets population owned a book. Contrast this to the internet – another claim to the world’s greatest invention. It was Tim Berners-Lee who rounded up a whole plethora of learnings to form the world wide web (are you old enough to remember typing ‘www.’ into search engines?). The year was 1990. Twenty five years later half the planets population had access to the internet.

Why did internet accessibility grow at 20 times the speed of print? The answer to this lies in the accessibility of home computing devices. In 1990 one sixth of the UK population owned a home computer paying the same one sixth of their annual income for the privilege. Now, thanks to rapid developments in technological cost reduction and multiple entrants into supply the costs have shrank so dramatically the majority of us can get online through a phone or tablet for a negligible share of our income. Knowledge grows exponentially as a result.

While some areas of self-help have undoubtedly benefitted through technological growth, coaching’s progress is steady but slow. The share of the worlds working population receiving any form of coaching is tiny and 42% of the worlds registered coaches live in one country – the USA. The barriers to entry are the same as the World Wide Webs were – price and availability. Coaching is still the preserve of the board-room and executive teams, priced accordingly and often done in secret.

Brilliant coaching transforms people, we passionately believe in that. Its ability to give focus, help people overcome DNA wired barriers in their own brains and try new techniques to advance all aspects of their lives is a truly life-changing experience. We started ifixme because we refuse to accept that only people that can afford current coaching prices should receive that transformation. We want to break the accessibility cycle that keeps coaching swimming in a small elite pool and lead the revolution that permeates it throughout all levels of work-place and society. Affordable coaching that’s easy to find and access at a time that suits you. It’s as simple as that!

We are so glad you have taken the time to read this and we hope if you are a coach or interested in receiving coaching you join this revolution.

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