Embracing the Unquantifiable

Updated: May 24, 2021

Let's look at how to take the plunge with coaching without a definable return... using the inspiration of Tesla.

'What will the return on that investment be'... is the frequent fire blanket that douses the flames of coaching just when it starts to become a worthwhile heat. Often we hear about 'hitting the exec wall' - where a group at the top (many of whom have superb coaches themselves) firmly apply the brakes when it comes to other areas of their teams receiving the same inspiration because they can't quantify the benefit. Thankfully organisations are increasingly realising that the greatest profit makers in this world have one thing in common - they embrace the unquantifiable. When Elon Musk was done creating Paypal he turned to electric cars - a journey that had broken many companies in the last 50 years. He knew that producing a credible family car wasn't enough - he had to create a dream - a car so good that it fired the imagination and shifted fossil fuel loving opinion for ever. The flaw in that plan was a car that expensive wouldn't sell in anywhere near enough numbers to come close to paying for itself. What Musk convinced his investors was the result of that paradigm shift would be immense....but he couldn't quantify it. He asked them to embrace the unquantifiable. That first supercar, the Roadster, sold 2500 cars - a drop in the automobile ocean - but it changed perception on electric car performance for ever and created the subsequent space to develop a mass market car company that can be quantified now. It's worth $830bn. If you said to any exec team that you could create self empowered, goal achieving employees with razor sharp focus they would ask where to join the queue. If you told them that those same employees would understand their own career paths, overcome personal blockages to success and save them a fortune in recruitment they would push to the front of that queue. Be as confident selling the dream of a vibrant coaching culture as Elon Musk was in selling the dream of electric transportation. If that doesn't work - don't give up, sometimes you have to win a battle to win a war. Ask for a lesser investment, get people experiencing and then create a small coaching cohort of key employees who are great communicators. They can be the disciples and performance drivers that help quantify the unquantifiable. Let them be the supercars that pave the way for the transformation of the masses.

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