These days it's easier to find a leader with a coach than it is to find a leader without one.


That's where job based coaching often lives, within organisations, and usually with the movers and the shakers who have access to the money and the contacts. 

We remove these barriers because we believe everyone should be able to have the benefits of being challenged and supported to achieve their goals. That's why we created iFixMe. Bringing together exceptional coaches who want to help everyone grow and develop into the best they can be.


We offer qualified and professional job based coaching for everyone.

Whatever your problem, we help YOU solve it, not with our solutions but with questions to help you find your solutions.


Experience the life changing impact of coaching with iFixMe.

what to


step 1


Choose to have a free consultation or instant start


Either work for us, but your previous coaching experience will help you decide what is best for you.

step 2

book your first session


Whether you book straight away or opt for a free consultation, once you decide to go with our programme we make it as simple as possible.

Purchase a membership of 6 sessions, or pay as you go. Then select a coach with availability that works for you.

From there you'll be able to book your first coaching video call.

step 3

start your programme

At your first session we will talk you through the process, then agree what you are going to achieve.


We want to make a difference fast and with our knowledge and experience it's usual to leave the first session with a considerable amount of progress made.

We find around six sessions works for most people.


step 4


next session

At the end of each session you will book the next session with your coach through their online bookings diary.

If you've already booked through our membership programme you'll get the chance to confirm your chosen date and time.