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the expert is you

what is coaching?

Coaching helps you become the best you can be. It does this through listening to you, challenging your thought processes and encouraging real actions. It helps you overcome self doubt to realise a goal and your potential.

Coaching is not about telling you what to do (even if its said nicely!) - that's managing, counselling, teaching and mentoring. These are useful friends of coaching but are ways that people impart their expertise or advice to help navigate you.

There's something in coaching for everyone. It helps you access the answer you can't seem to find. It tidies your messy brain. It helps you find and remove barriers to success. 

At iFixMe we believe the most the most powerful route to success is helping you access the greatest expert we know - you!

"Everything in the universe is within you, ask all from yourself" rumi


what we do

 Our offer is simple.


All of our coaching is completed via video link and usually takes around 6 sessions in total. Our program has a fixed price of £99 per 1 hour session or £499 for up to six sessions. 

 We also offer a free consultation service if you want to know more about how it works and what to expect.

Helping Hand
Nikki Yeomans

iFixMe founder and executive coach


"Ive long since realised that being in control of my actions is what drives me.


In 2011 some superb coaching sessions challenged a situation from a perspective I hadn't thought of. It pulled me out of the fog I'd been dwelling in and changed my course of travel. Since then, I have been passionate about asking powerful questions and had a mindset to learn more.


The mission at iFixMe is to give everyone a chance of the same experience as me. This means creating value and simplicity, in both price and access.


We've assembled like minded, professional coaches from across the UK, they are available to book here, and in a few clicks"



Start your coaching journey with us.


 £99 for 1 hour session or

£499 for six sessions 



My iFixMe Coach helped me get back to work after maternity leave. I'll be honest, I was dreading the return having lost my workplace confidence. My Coach helped me to identify and take away the fears. I really didn't know where to start but by the end the solutions felt simple. I was so inspired I am working towards my own coaching qualification so I can help others how my coach helped me. 


I really didn't need work-place 'fixing',  in fact work was going brilliantly. It was me, I wanted more from my life but was unsure what it was. My iFixMe coach helped me work through what my actual goal was. I am now studying for my PHD and feel motivated and satisfied. I don't know how my coach got me to work it all out, but he did!


I didn't get the promotion I felt I deserved, not once but twice! Both times I went away to improve my performance and results but each knock back left me flat. A friend recommended iFixMe and after liking what I read about coaching I was matched to a coach and got started. My coach helped me realise my work skills were fine but the way I projected this in an interview was lacking. I know it sounds obvious, but I was just concentrating on thinking better work results would show them I was right for the job. Once I'd retuned my direction and my coach helped me prepare I got that promotion six months later. People say third time lucky but this wasn't luck, I worked harder than before but this time on the right things.


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